Hi everyone!

The Style Incentive is not only a style blog but it is a personal style and lifestyle blog. I wanted to create an inviting space where anyone can get inspired not only by style, but by everything the world has to offer.

Welcome to The Style Incentive. I began this blog because style,beauty, lifestyle, and life in general are things that I love to speak about. I am a very creative person and I needed an outlet to share that. Where I grew up dressing differently or standing out almost seemed frowned upon. As if you were trying to be better than your peers, so at a point in my life I thought conformity would get me through. I then learned that being different with your personal style is what makes you “you”. That message is my overall goal with my blog I want to inspire and influence people though style, beauty, lifestyle, and personal style to not only be their best selves, but be uniquely you.

My name is Hannah Simone and I am ecstatic to have you all come on this journey with me. I created The Style Incentive as a creative outlet to allow my style, thoughts, and tips run free amongst you all. Although I have a lot to learn I am prepared for almost anything.

How tall are you?


What size are you?

Small in tops, but I like some of my stuff to fit large. (I low key sometimes don’t want to look like I have a figure) I wear a 25 in denim, a 0-2 in dresses, and a 37/7 in shoes.

What camera/ Lens do you use?

I use a canon rebel t3i with a —mm lens

 What is your favorite thing about life?

 Anything is possible.

Current favorite Fashion Trend?


Current Favorite song?

Help yourself by Amy Winehouse

What are your Favorite Stores?

Nordstom, Topshop, Pixiemarket, Neiman Marcus, Jcrew

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