Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut oil

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Collection

My hair has always been a problem for me whether it be with my natural curls or trying to straighten it every couple weeks. My hair can retain moisture and be super soft sometimes, but not all the time. I found that the Shea Moisture  100% Coconut collection has aided me in the renewal of my my hair.

I have been using these products for a couple months and I can 100% say this review is very honest. My hair has to take its time to adapt to new products and I like to see the results that come after using a product for ‘x’ amount of months.

Daily Hydrating Shampoo

I enjoy the lather that I get with this shampoo. This shampoo does not seem to strip my hair of my natural oils, but it cleanses my scalp and replaces those oils with natural coconut oil. Making my hair extra shiny, strong, and not greasy at all. I was at first a little hesitant to try this product because I fear for my hair getting too oily and breaking my face out, but with me being all natural I found the product to be very beneficial. It is not a shampoo that strips the hair but, cleanses and adds moisture to the hair.

Daily Hydration Conditioner

When I tell you conditioner is a lifesaver for any hair type! It is a LIFESAVER! I tend to straighten my hair a lot and that is not good at all. I have gone through many multiple hair dies, relaxers, and straightening treatments to know how a product treats my hair. When I wear my hair curly this conditioner provides so much hydration to the hair and it has great slip. Whenever I wear my hair straight this conditioner locks in the moisture my hair needs to survive all the heat being placed on to it.

Daily Hydration Finishing oil Serum

I am a big fan of all types of hair oils from coconut hair oil to Castor oil. Oils provide hair with much needed moisture that allows growth, strength, and elasticity. When I saw this oil I go so excited! I use this once I am finished cleaning my hair. I concentrate the product on my ends because that is where the majority of my damage is. This product has to be my favorite because id brought my curl pattern back to life in every way. Since I straighten my hair every two weeks (I know it is not good)my curl pattern has gotten very loose an stringy. So putting this product on in conjunction with the conditioner allowed for my curls to spring back into shape.

Thank you @sheamoisture for allowing me to review these products.

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