Lush 2016 Halloween Beauty Products are Spooky Good


It is that time of year again. When the air gets crisper, the wind gets a little stronger, and the goblins come out to play. I have always been an  avid ‘lushie’ at heart. I know it is fall when lush introduces their new and old Halloween products into the world.

For a relaxing night in with a steamy bubble bath or if you want a pop of glitter before  a big party these products have got you covered from head to toe. Lush out does themselves every year, with products that not only smell fantastic but have amazing benefits for the skin. Within this post I have compiled a list of my favorite Halloween lush products that are sure to get you in the Hallows Eve spirt.

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The Monsters’ Bath Bomb

This little buddy is my absolute favorite! Infused with Neroli Oil, Fair trade Cocoa butter, and many more beautifully fresh ingredients makes this bath bomb worth your wild. This cute little monster creates a whimsical purple in whomever’s cauldron it decides to bubble over in. It has a beautiful sweet scent that I absolutely love!

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Boo Luxury Bath Melt

For Boo(tiful) looking skin (did you get the pun) The boo luxury bath melt is the way to go. I was never too keen on bath melts until I tried the  Ceridwen’s Cauldron last year and I was hooked. Once you plop boo into the water he creates ghostly murky waters… enough to give you some chills. Instead of giving you Boo’s ghostly chills, Boo is infused with moisturizing cocoa butter and is scented with tones of  ginger, florals, and citrus oils.

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Goth Fairy

This Shimmery delight will have you shinning day and night. This beautiful smelling shimmer bar is infused with illite, cupuacu butters, bergamot,  and grapefruit oils that lifts your spirits. Goth Fairy has got to be one of my number one favorites, it has a sweet yet calming scent. It is not too over bearing, but it is just subtle enough to give you a little scent and shimmer that last all day.

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Autumn Leaf

The Autumn Leaf bath bomb is by far the definition of fall. The bath bomb has quite an uplifting scent, infused with bergamot oil, neroli oil, and sandalwood oil. This bath bomb is a treat for all the senses, the beautiful smells, the gorgeous orange it makes the water, and the wonderful skin benefits.

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Bath-O’-Lantern is here and smells like a citrus heaven. This bath bomb is infused with pimento berry oil, vanilla absolute  and cinnamon bark oil. This new and fresh bath bomb is a new classic, with refreshing scents of citrus that really gets you going.

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Sparkly Pumpkin

A glittery classic bubble bar is one of my favorites, although it does get messy it is well worth it. Infused with juniper berry oils, lime oil, and grapefruit oils makes for a skin softening and luxurious bubble bath.

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Lord of Misrule

One of the most mysterious bath bombs, the secrets it holds on the inside do not amount to its simply beautiful green color on the outside. This bath bomb makes me think of witches and warlocks every time I hop in the tub. Infused with patchouli oil, black pepper oil, and popping candy make for a unique and mystical bath.

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Pumpkin Gift Set

To intensify the Lush fun the Pumpkin gift set has everything you are looking for when you want a festive Hallows Eve. The products included are the Boo Luxury Bath Melt, Lord of Misrule Shower Gel, Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, and Pumpkin Bath Bomb. Also the knot wrap around the gift can dual as a headband, scarf, and much more.

35.95 (Currently out of stock)

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